This is my Catalog of existing Island Style House Plans. These plans were designed for prior clients here in Hawaii and  I'm making them available to you for a very reasonable price. I'm willing to sell most plans for $750-$1500. Contact me with the plan number you are interested in and I'll send you a quote.

I can also make revisions to the existing plans if needed. Contact me to discuss the desired revisions and I'll quote you a price.

Additionally, if you're project is in Hawaii, I can draw a Site Plan for your property (which is required for permitting) showing the location on your property of the plan you have selected.

1 Bedroom - 1 Story Plans

1 Bedroom - 2 Story Plans

2 Bedroom - 1 Story Plans

2 Bedroom - 2 Story Plans

3 Bedroom - 1 Story Plans

3 Bedroom - 2 Story Plans

4 Bedroom - 1 Story Plans

4 Bedroom - 2 Story Plans

5 Bedroom - 1 Story Plans

5 Bedroom - 2 Story Plans

Detached Accessory Buildings