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Accessory Buildings for Your Island Style Home

This is my catalog of existing Accessory Building Plans. These plans were designed for prior clients here in Hawaii and I'm making them available to you for a very reasonable price.

If you find something in the catalog that you like, I'm willing to resell most of my existing plans for a very affordable cost, some as little as $750. Or perhaps you might get some ideas for a custom design by looking through the catalog.

Contact me with the plan number you're interested in, explain what you want to do with it and I'll send you a quote.

Note about building codes

Codes are constantly changing and most of the plans here were drawn before the adoption in many jurisdictions of the International Building and Energy Conservation Codes. Some of the plans have already been updated but if not, I can update them as needed. The first 2 digits in the plan numbers are the year they were drawn. The plans drawn since August 2019 are fully compliant with all current codes here in Hawaii. Plans drawn between June 2016 and August 2019 are compliant with all codes except the International Energy Conservation Code. Plans drawn before June 2016 are no longer compliant with any of the current codes.


I can also make revisions to the existing plans if needed. Contact me to discuss the desired revisions and I'll send you a quote. Note: My current schedule is about 5-6 months out to make revisions and code updates.

Additionally, if you're project is in Hawaii, I can draw a Site Plan for your property (which is required for permitting) showing the location of the home on your property and any other proposed improvements.

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Plan 17-062

Plan 17-023

Plan 17-020

Plan 17-017

Plan 16-013

Plan 14-019 GH

Plan 13-006 2

Plan 13-006

Plan 12-027

Plan 12-027

Plan 12-021

Plan 11-023

Plan 09-002

Plan 08-012

Plan 07-014

Plan 06-020

Plan 06-019

Plan 05-028

Plan 04-003

Plan 04-002

Plan 03-039 P

Plan 03-037

Plan 03-033

Plan 03-023

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